Tolik Kaminsky

Tolik specializes in boxing, power lifting, dynamic core work outs, and overall fitness.

He got his start in the Ukraine 20 years ago when his father encouraged him to join a boxing club. He then went to Israel in his early 20's to join the army and served as a physical fitness trainer and boxing coach to new recruits.

After moving to the US, Tolik worked as a trainer and kept up his own fitness passion of power lifting. 

Tolik opened up his own boxing club in Los Angeles to give young fighters an affordable and a disciplined place to excel. As well regular folk a machine-free, highly specialized and friendly work out.

Tolik currently trains amateur and professional fighters--some of which who have come from Tajikistan just to train with him.  Three of his fighters  have gone pro.

He's been featured in Russia GQ and in a docu-series on young boxers in Los Angeles.